Monday, December 31, 2007

One last jump and jive in the old year

happy new year kids. tomorrow will hail in my 10 year high school anniversary year. crazy crazy. where will you be ten years from now? i probably thought married with kids doing some service style work somewhere in a third world country. ha. well, I tell you what. I'm going to be drinking a little plum brandy tonight with my luver and some kind-of friends. Ok, fine, friends I'm disappointed in/angry at (they hurt my pride, come on...). Don't know if I'll get drunk or not. Don't care. Am not really expecting nothing.

Review of 2007: January started off with an attack of disgusting facial skin home in bed with my Boj to welcome in the year. February my face skin only got worse and I put myself through a difficult physical regimen (which included intense strict diet, enemas, salt baths and sauna, veggy juice and water fasts, daily exertion, and liver and colon flushes) to try to rid my body of this mthfckg disease. March I gave up on the diet after my first liver flush nearly pushed me off the deepend and my face started to calm down. April my Boj and I moved into our own apartment (we'd been sharing with another married couple for almost 2 years) and I began looking more seriously for employment as my face was no longer so shameful (even started receiving comments from my grocer and tobacco seller that my face had improved and random strangers stopped suggesting that I try pro-active). May started editing. Weee. Thought I might go freelance. And I think that's when I started blogging with my blog friends too... June took a job, a real job after 7 months unemployed and forgot sometimes that I had a face problem and also vowed to quit smoking on my birthday. July, Boj's mother and my brother visited. August, quit smoking. September my sister visited and Bojan and I attended our first horse races in San Diego (Del Mar). October nothing happened. November Boj's friends visited and we went home to ATL for thanksgiving. I also stopped in Chicago and saw wyd for a few beautiful days. December is now; spent most of the month alone and it was good and now I'm back with my Boj (and I don't feel so much fear about cockroaches in my house anymore) and that's it.


So anyway. Happy tonight and tomorrow. Enjoy.

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