Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not Dead, Just Hibernating

It's been almost a six months since my last entry, so I thought why not today? Plus, I'm grumps this morning and don't feel like working with people - I just might bite somebody's upper arm. So here goes an update, instead:
  • Working as an office person - especially the lone office person - suits me and I am still very content with my job in general.
  • I like some of the people I work with, so that's good.
  • Last Sunday and then this past Saturday and Sunday, B worked, so I went out to Fort DeRussy Beach Park with a picnic and coffee and found a herd of palm trees making peaceful undulating sunshade on the grassy lawn bordering the beach, laid out a blanket, and read a great book, The Road Home. My only company, the staccato of clapping palms, the dull roar and suck of the ocean, and the distant cacophony of gathered groups of humans enjoying themselves.
  • Still living in Honolulu for now; still looking at homes in Atlanta.
  • My baby sister Jules is moving to Maui in just over a month and my Lyds may be moving to Big Island which means Christmas is going to be happy this year.

I think that's all for now. I'll come back to this later.

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