Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I had a dream

This morning and I won't go into too much detail because most of the dream has already slipped away anyway. But in the span of 2 hours, I gave birth to a baby boy (even felt my overlarge breasts--hurray!--all crispy and sore and sagging with milk), planned and almost got married to Bojan (the dream switched scenes before we could complete the deed but it was the day of and I had been battling cold feet for days), and finally I was mauled to death by rabid white wolves as I dodged a helicopter set to kill me and 7 other south american boys while we were training to become soldiers (three boys jumped into a gazebo which was blown up my missiles dropped from the helicopter, three boys tried to hide in tall grass on a hillside and were killed by the helicopter picking up the already dead seventh boy [chubby redhead] and dropping him on them and then shooting them all; i made it to a small forest and as I dove inside, a large rabid white wolf who was in the process of killing a rhino in a stream with his partner turned on me. I held him off for a while, had him by the jaw, pulling top and bottom apart as hard as I could, but his partner saw and turned on me and that's when I woke up.)

It was quite intense, the whole experience.

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