Monday, January 14, 2008

I have a question, please

This is serious. How come, after the fact, I feel so strange...almost a feeling of pity for a customer who came through the gallery with his wife and informed me that this painting, called "Peaceful Moments," was his favorite in the gallery. I think of this painting as a little girl painting, lisa frank-ish. But why would I feel that way about this man after the fact? Who cares what one person likes and another doesn't. Why does it feel confused with pity... I don't even remember what he or his wife look like anymore for pete's sake. I stood in front of the painting and studied it trying to answer my question but I came up with nothing.

Tant pis.


thecrazydreamer said...

That is very strange... I can't see why someone would like that painting so much... unless the horses were unicorns... then it'd be my favorite, too.

forrest said...

well, maybe then, I can see that.