Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday afternoon

I'm just gonna bullshit the beginning of this blogsite till i have an idea of how i want these things to go. Sitting at Glazers Coffee (best coffee in Honolulu and reaaaally nice people behind the counter and free wifi) on King Street. B's at home waiting for me to get the hell back with the car so we can do something before the days' out. Car parked illegally in a shopping market lot...gggggg. that's making me nervous. I'd better get the hell out of here and go save my car and my man. WEEEEEEEEe swish and with a stunning blinding explosion she's outttt.

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whatyoudream said...

My friends' lives are so interesting to me. We all think about, worry about, do different things, and while it's all very quotidian (a word I've only recently become aware of) to us, it's fascinating to others (at least it is for me). For fuck's sake, you live in Hawaii! Can you believe it? It makes everything you do seem exotic. But you and your man already seem that way.