Thursday, May 17, 2007

This one's for you

Hi Lauren,

This one's for you. It's 1:46 am and i'm kicking myself for not sleeping but computers have this way of keeping your chest buzzed and your brain inactively active and on top of that relative unemployment makes one feel unresponsible for tomorrow and so, here i am. I told you I'd join so i can keep up with you this way. I've never felt comfortable with the idea of blogging. I'm afraid if I write something original in this tube it will be irretrievably lost and become immediately innane, trite, and obsolete. This is my fear. By the way, I read through your blogsies. You are eloquent and secretly comedic. I like that part the most, the secret funny--when you said your mother always says something about going to the pod when she's off to peeshkee and that's why you don't like that word.

so here i am.

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whatyoudream said...

I am so excited! Anna, you have such a unique voice and I'm so glad I'll hear from you through this now and then.

I'm still not comfortable with the idea of blogging, but here I am, too.