Saturday, May 26, 2007

what do you say

they will see us waving from such great heights, come down now they'll say, but everything looks perfect from far away, come down now, but we'll stay...

Today is glorious. I have my window open to the island behind me. Clear blue skies, perfectly sunny, wind washing through my apartment, gently, peacefully blowing our floor-to-ceiling beige-white curtains in and out. Sweet Jane just made me laugh and I'm feeling exhilarated because life can be so good. Sometimes so good. I feel like that song. The bouncing intense driven positive energy. 123scum, what's our first project? tell me. What say you? Give me the word, and I'm off.

I'm working on a name and logo for my new business. I'm feeling a bit blank and nervous. its funny, when I'm not feeling sad or depressed or confused or lonely or, it's harder to create.


well, I hope we are all jumping up and down and singing and spinning and falling and diving and breathing and happy and screaming and happy.

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SJ said...

chelloh maie seesteurh.

i like to read what you write.