Friday, July 6, 2007

job update

I miss hanging with ya'll but when it rains, it pours, and it is really pouring this summer.

So, I took the job...the art sales job, full time. And I took the other job...the university copyediting/proofreading job, about 15-20 hours/week. And I still have my other client and her dissertation (and proposals and whatever other documents she brings up). And, on top off all that, B's mother came into town for ten days to visit and a few weeks later, my bro is coming into town to visit and possibly in between, another friend will be here as well for a week with his daughter, staying at our halfstudio/halfonebed apt. So there goes any time to think and write about globalization and optimism (both conversations I very much wanted to join).

Something strange and wonderful happened to me in the months prior to taking these jobs. I don't know when or how it happened, or even why exactly. But I finally don't give a flying fatootle about what others think about me, especially those that I'm in contact with daily. This sounds silly, I know, but it really did happen. And how! Up until this newest job, in my life, I've always worried about doing the best thing for my bosses, my companies, my coworkers, working as hard as I could, offering to do things I wouldn't normally want to do to fill in gaps that they couldn't fill in the moment, keeping my mouth shut when I should've said something just to keep peace, you know, I guess sucking up. These are the first days that I know what it feels like to keep my head up, care about my life and those in it in a much more balanced way, and say what I need to say. I've been floored by my actions a couple times. Weeeeee..... And I feel a ton more relaxed everyday.

So anyway, I took two jobs with one on the side (not constant). I'm working full time gallery sales. And then come home and fill in my free gaps with editing a Univ. Hawaii department manuscript. The second isn't as exciting as some of my other freelance jobs have been and doesn't pay nearly as well, but it's a foot in the door at the Uni on a more official level and it will look great on my resume, plus it's getting me a different longish term job--working with a foreign language professor and editing all his or her manuscripts for this coming year.

So I've been scarce on blogspot these days because I don't feel interesting. I don't have time to put thought into soulandmeat questions nor time to be creative on my own. I still keep up and read what's going on everyday though.

Speaking of work, I'd better get back to it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
P.S. This one's for you, tcd. It felt good to be asked. Good luck on your job search....


thecrazydreamer said...

Hurray, a post just for me!

Thanks for the update... I had been checking your page every day waiting to see what came of your situation, so I'm glad I finally asked :).

So with these new jobs are you going to have enough money to come out to Chicago and visit wyd and I sometime?

forrest said...

uh...yeah. one of these days. is wyd still considering visiting me this summer? I hope so. She's been absent from blogspot also. I miss her voice.