Tuesday, February 5, 2008

happy good joy love peace nice cool strong confident love

I can't leave my blog on such a negative note. Everything is great. I'm happy because:

  • Today the sun is shining except when the occasional cloud wanders through and sprinkles its tinkle onto the tourists. Then then come in my gallery with a smile and when I ask how they are doing today, they say "trying to stay dry."

  • Today isn't yesterday.

  • My friend just gave me a compliment that I can't seem to shake. yay.

  • I'm eating a cheese and spinach pastry that I made yesterday with Raspberry fruit spread on top. And it's delicious. And I made it. And it's finger-likkin good.

  • I'm working with my favorite work person.


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... said...

i luv you muchos. yes. good to end on a good note. im doing good. soo good to hear your voice yesterday. how does the possibility of moving feel? seems like a big change. again. woofda. cant wait for may tho. im excited to teach yoga and some meditation stuff to the famdamily... :D hello pliz.