Sunday, February 17, 2008

I totally missed Valentine's day

We figured it out, me and B, after we turned on the teli in the morning and then he turned to me and said "Happy Valentine's Day" and I said "Oh!" and "Happy Valentine's Day too." And that's all we did until dinner when we stuffed yummy cakes into our bellies, oded to V-Day.

So, I've got my eyes peeled for a new job. I had two intereviews this weekend and totally killed one. I mean I left my interviewer reeling from how good I was (despite my lack of experience). Then he asked me to come meet the artist at their show last night and I so I came and stood around a gallery, reading every book and magazine and wall information and looking at every photograph, waiting for an hour and a half for this guy to introduce me to the artist (because I still haven't been offered the job, so I can't just go introduce myself as Anna, the new employee). He never did and I started to get really cold and sleepy and bored, needless to say, so I told this guy I'm out, looks like he's really busy and I hope to hear back from him. So--drumrole--we'll see in the next two days what happens.

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