Sunday, February 3, 2008


Sad day. Sad moment for a nearly "wow" and "that's my team" but then in the last 2 f-ing minutes. I had just finished a beer after work. Was catching the last quarter and then, the touch. down. downer with 39 seconds to go. And my stomach dropped and I thought of my brother and I nearly cried. Fancy that. Def the beer speaking but it took me a good 20 minutes after the game to suck in my feathery emotions waving messily out from my head (like if I had really whispy wispy feathers sticking out the top of my head) tickling B's face so that he nearly picked up some of the negative and told myself it's only a damn game and I didn't even keep up with the season and its def nothing personal to me so get a grip. Humans are strange is all I can say.

Let's all take a moment of silence for the Pats and their fans.

Thank you.

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