Saturday, June 16, 2007

brush away the cobwebs

It's 10:04 Saturday morning. An exhilerating kind of day outside, a bit windy, a bit stormy, and a bit high blue sunny sky-y. Came back from the farmer's market about an hour ago. It's one of our highlights of the week. We stop at starbucks on the way and buy a coffee, then we hustle over there, the top of diamond head, the top of this side of Oahu. It's always sunny above diamond head, no matter the weather down below by the sea or up above in the higher mountains. We go and mingle with other locals, push and shove our way through long lines (cut sometimes...uh oh), we buy fresh, steamy bread from Baile (a local Asian patisserie chain on the island) and fresh tomatoes from a tomato farm and papayas and green onions and alfalfa sprouts and baby spinach and zuchini, or patlijan. Bojan rushed off to work after I made him a lunchy and I cleaned the house. It feels good to straighten clutter, make the bed, dust the teli and tables. It feels good to brush out the cobwebs, feels like I brushed out the cobwebs from my head and my chest and my gut (from my attics and my basements and from my living room). Now I'm sitting on our La-Z-Boy in front of my communication box wondering how to fill the rest of my day. Walk, cook? Yes cook. Find some nice recipe. That's what I'll do next. Did I tell you I'm quitting smoking. On my birthday. Happy 27th, Anna. I heard, four or five years ago, that a woman is at her physical peak at the age of 27, at least she can be. And what am I doing, smoking, killing myself. Eh. I can't wait to get past the hump of it and really really be smoke free. But for the next month, at least, I'm gonna enjoyyy my smokes. This will be the first, and I think last, time that I ever quit smoking.

Happy Saturday.


SpeakForYourself said...

I am very frusterated by the state I'm in, which is mad burning desire to chronicle everything that's going ON with my crazy fucking life right now....and being unable to sustain a steady internet connection for longer than three minutes. I am internet-impotent, I cannot perform. damn damn damn I will be on again soon I promise...i can't do anything without internet, this house is useless!! ha....geez. Soon, my love, soon...swear.

forrest said...

so what I do is write on a word doc then cut and paste during that three-minute interval. my internet access is the same. on again off again curses and defamation.

Sweet Jane said...

We had the same day! Only I bought aprons and brown eggs at our farmer's market (not much in the way of good eats left when I got out of work). Then I came home and cleaned out the freezer and refrigerator--so satisfying.