Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Somebody help

I'm blog illiterate and i have tried and tried to figure out how to set up links to other blogsites on my blog page. It's irritating to have to continuously type in everybody's url's everytime I want to check out your blogs. So, how do I do it?


thecrazydreamer said...

Yes, I can help... maybe.

It looks like you're missing a page element for your links... so, you'll need to go to your Dashboard. Once there, you can select "Manage Layout".

On the right you should see a box that reads "Add a page element" click on this and it should open a pop-up window.

Select from the pop-up window the option "Links List". This will open a new screen in the popup and you will want to put something like "Links" in the title field, leave the number of links option blank, leave sorting as don't sort, and then fill in the URL for your first link (ie. http://whatyoudream.blogspot.com/) in New Site URL, then put the name for that URL in the next line (ie. "whatyoudream"). then click "Add Link" button.

This will add one link, next fill in the URL field for the 2nd link and the name field for the 2nd link, and repeat until you're happy with your links list, and click save changes.

forrest said...

Thanks mofo

thecrazydreamer said...

de nada mufasa