Thursday, June 7, 2007

Intro to Forrest

  • My name is Anna, but Forrest is good
  • I live in Waikik with my B and every night around 10 o'clock trolley-loads of Japanese kids drive through our neighborhood screaming and honking and I don't understand
  • I grew my hair out and am blond again
  • My parents are missionaries (I spent the first halfish of my life in Abidjan). I used to be embarrassed about that, now I'm proud of them
  • I know wyd and tcd from college (wyd and I were roommates for two years. The second year we had an apt together where the three of us sat around watching wyd play cool video games for hours on end)
  • I'm about to turn 27, which I think is a good age to be
  • I'm in love with my B; have been with him for 3 years and 3 months (our anniversary is wyd's birthday, eh); three days after we met I felt like I'd known him always (maybe in a past life) and he's the most beautiful man I've ever met. He makes me want to be a better person
  • I'm more or less unemployed. I'm in between here and there these days, have a lot of extra time on my hands trying to start my own thing, which makes me feel like a blog stalker sometimes
  • I want to be a freelance editor and writer
  • I'm nervous to share my opinion around so many smart, intellectual, well-read, rational, witty, cool, funny people
  • I love to cry; I cry to deal with a lot of things, even good things, and that's embarrassing sometimes
  • I have no local friends this summer that are my own (not counting B, obviously)
  • I don't think about labels too often, that was one thing I shrugged off with the baby that drained away in the bath. But if I had to label can't. I don't think most days that I believe in god, or at least not the God I grew up with. I pray once a year to god or the universe. Sometimes I find it interesting to think about reincarnation and other lives. I don't like being told my future, but i'm very curious when someone says they know something and so I ask anyway. I'm not superstitious but its fun playing superstition games in my daily life. I don't really know. I read once about a desert father, I think, who's goal was to sit and let anyone with any story, any kind of person, come to him and be and fill up from his attentive, calm, loving presence. I wanted to be like that for a long time; not sit on a pile of sand and wait for people to come, but be a person anyone can come to for refreshment or advice. I still don't want to ever judge someone again for what they believe (I know I can't help it, but I can work on it)
  • I don't believe too much in politics. I think its a game the very rich people play and there's not much I can do about it. Better to live my daily life and exist within that which is relevant to me and those in my world.
  • I smoke like a fish. Crap.
  • I love to go on long walks and walk very fast

I guess that's all for now.


whatyoudream said...

I don't think I'll ever stop loving the odd mix of cultures that has made your language so confused but so perfect and dead-on.

I admire the kind of person who others can come to to "fill up." I am not one of those people, I think. Most of the time, I barely feel I have enough energy to keep myself going, let alone to give to others. Motherhood is far off because of that, and it's also part of why I'm moving away from my family which has taken so much energy. I do see you, tcd and Jane as people I'm constantly filling up on, and that without you in my life, I might totally withdraw.

I have to say, I'm surprised by your new... spirituality? I'm not sure of the right word, but just when you talk about reincarnation, past lives or astrology. Again, this probably goes back to the kind of faith you had before, as opposed to my kind of faith; as we have left it behind and found other things, they are still things similar to where we started, only in a different direction. Those things, though, just happen to be things I have never had a tendancy to believe.

This comment doesn't have a point, I guess, but just a few thoughts.

thecrazydreamer said...

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forrest said...

what you are crazy. I almost wrote this in my intro but didn't add it: you saved b and I. Don't you remember? We were fighting and fighting and fighting for two weeks and there was nothing either of us could say to get through to each other, to understand and be understood and it was getting really ugly. We talked several times about me going back to CT, you know, because maybe it just wasn't working out. Then along comes you, you sat us down like we were your kids, you didn't take my side just because you were my friend, and you listened to each of us and then you translated for us what the other was thinking. That was the night before you left. B and I sat in bed that night kissing for 6 hours straight. We hadn't kissed like that since the first month we met. You have a big gift with people.

Another thing. It's good you're moving away from family. I don't know what it is, but for many people I think it is very hard to develop yourself around your family. There's much less room for change there. You are put in a frame, the one you developed from childhood and forgotten there and if you try to say you're different, no one listens.

About motherhood. I still feel like a baby and not mature enough, but I'm getting there...and I can't wait for us to make it happen. Someday.

forrest said...

oh yeah, and thanks fuckr mothr (tcd) for helping the internet illiterate.