Friday, August 3, 2007

I've got blueberries

and peaches and papayas and cabbage and veganaise and tuna and smoked turkey and chicken and onions and garlic and tomatoes and so much good food. it is a marvelous feeling playing house sometimes (long as you don't look at the receipts).

i'm quitting smokes in two days. oh me. and I don't want to gain any weight. and i want to exchange my passionate enjoyment of tobacco for a rekindled passionate enjoyment for exercise--running early early in the morning is the best. that means sleep early too. i've been nervous off and on but millions and millions of people have done it before me, some stronger some weaker. anyway, fuck comparisons, it's me whos doing it. Sunday's it for life. goooooolllee.

so I wrote. actually i typed meme a letter. large print, seven pages long, with a map of hawaii and quotes and all. she's 95 years old. she wrote me back, probably the day i wrote her and said we should be writing partners. she said, this whole time she thought she was the only letter writer in the family. well well. here we are another one, eh. so be it. i have found my new writing buddy. i've been looking for one for so long. why is it we always look in the wrong places for things we need. like the alchemist kid.

i think i'll have a smoke. hold on while i grap my ashtray. i'll be right back.

so i'm up to my neck in the drama of my company. drama here and there and everywhere. a few days after i joined the least teamy team out there eight administrators in the company were let go. boss man, the artist himself, doesn't know much about business, apparently, and figured that the best way to trim some co. fat was to remove the entire hierarchy of infrastructure. some of the guys he let off have been wiht the company over ten years. how's the for thanks for your loyalty and we appreciate all you've done for us. so these last few weeks have been random people stepping up to the plate, trying to salvage their jobs, trying to knock some business sense into bossman. lucky me, ive got a new boss now who dosn't know how to use excell or make a schedule or attach to an email. so i am now necessary even though my sales records for the month, which should have averaged at $10,000 were only $2,000. we'll see what the future holds. it's kind of entertaining, in a way. i guess because i have zero loyalty to the company or the people in it, or even my eight dollar an hour job. whatev.

life is good, though, on the whole. i'm living with the most beautiful boy i've ever met and he loves me and i love him and we're are quite fully ourselves with each other and we're saving, thanks to him, and a few months from now i'll be tobacco free (and urge-freeish). and i love my house and i love the weather here and i love the wind and i'm turning 27 in a few days. whoooeee. i think 27 is a good year. especially when it falls in the year 2007. i love a balanced number. i think 27 will be a year for me like 23 was. it just felt significant going into it and indeed that was a massive turner in my life.

i've got to get editing. its been a while. and i've got to call Mr. Kimo (who needs a salesperson). and i've been ordered to go to the sauna. so i've got a full plate today and its already noon.


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