Tuesday, August 14, 2007

sales update

I'm now at $10,000 ish for the month (one cannot take commission till you top $30,000 in sales). That other woman I spoke of is at $75,000 for the month. Apparently last August, she topped $300,000!!! AHAHAHAHAHA. She's been working here 11 years and she speaks Japanese but common! Give me a motha-fking break! Yipes.


thecrazydreamer said...

$10,000 (ish) of sales in two weeks sounds really impressive to me.

$300,000 in a month? She's obviously cheating. She's probably a japanese spy, and is on their government's payroll... but the way they pay her to avoid suspicion is by buying ridiculously overpriced commercial art.

If I were you, I think an anonymous tip to the CIA might be in order... or maybe you should proposition the japanese government to see if they need any more spies.

forrest said...

yizzzz...i think that is exactly what I shall do....