Monday, August 27, 2007


So it's past midnight and i'm not sleeping, only this time it is the rare coin in the purse. I've been going to bed eaaarly these past few weeks, but today I'm waaaay behind on my editing, like I can feel my body off balance, my head heavy falling behind me and my neck straining to bring it upright again or else my neck my keep growing and growing and growing, with the rubbery texture of playdough until, oops, it just rolls right off my body. So, anyway, I need to catch up now. Even so, I will sleep now and continue working tomorrow and the next day and the next. The day after those, though, B and I are finally taking a bit of time off the islands. Hurray. We're going to Del Mar for the final weekend of horserace season. I guess B's part (ticket and hotel) are a bonus from his boss who's into the race scene (hobby) and so we're all going down together to paaaarty. That'll will be a much-needed hop and skip off HI.

My body loves that I quit. My head sometimes still beats me with a death stick, tempting me to light it before I turn into a bloody pulp from the beating. But I say NOOOO! Ha.

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