Sunday, November 4, 2007

It's been about a month

since I posted my last blog. Gooolllee. November already! Can you believe how fast time is flying. We're about to pass into the year 2008. I gragitated from high school in 1998. Where will you be 10 years from now? Remember that question? Yikes.

Today we have flash flood watches and high surf warnings. It's been dumping buckets since 1o oclock last night. Cozy for sleep, I tell you whatwow. But made for a damp trek to work and earlier departure than normal. Higher maintenance, wrapping everything in my backpack in plastic bags and my sandwich, and packing my work clothes and wearing other clothes. It's windy here too, so my little baby blue umbrella wanted to fly away from me a couple times but I didn't let it.

These days, maybe these last three days, I have this feeling, overrides most others, that special things, treasure-like things, are in constant motion floating all around me and that some of these things are falling on me, even as we speak, as they must and I get to keep them and experience them.

Something to do with acquiring something new and with open creativity. Maybe through creativity I will make something beautiful and cool tha tI get to keep. Kind of feels like having a fridge full of exciting yummy things like ham and butter and fresh baked warm bread and chocolate and milk and yogurt and sprouts and mayo and tuna and honey and peanut butter and buttered popcorn, etc.

And warm coffee too.

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