Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What is art?

Is art something that is pretty? inherently? or is it something to communicate with? I mean, I know these questions sound silly, but its kind of what I work with here. The artist I sell for is incredibly skilled. Technically. But would I call his work art? Only if art can be defined in terms of something that is obviously, and without any effort on the viewers part to find or understand, pretty. Otherwise, the art of the artist I work for says nothing except for, "I am an incredibly talented artist."

I keep tossing around my job, trying to find out where I can settle, how I can settle into the sales part of it and get selling. I don't want to limit myself to a box and say, "I'm a bad sales person." Or "I'm not good at sales." Because I know that's not true for everything. I'm just not a natural bullshitter. Never was. Like, say, my brother is. And I know I was conditioned, as a child, to appreciate and make decisions based on intellect and ideas. And those together make me a piss-poor CRL sales person. I don't like his work, I think it's overpriced, when I'm shopping I don't like to be bothered too much and so I treat people in the gallery that way, I don't like to push people, and I am not exceptionally experienced. I also am realizing about myself that I'd rather do things I enjoy...I guess we all would, right? Like I'd rather work on an hourly salary or even base + commission at a gallery that sells art work I appreciate, even if on the whole it's ugly or takes a lot of time/commitment to "get" evne if that means I have a much smaller potential client base.

I dunno. Can I just say it? I don't like to work as a sales person? I don't. Simple. I'll take that into consideration next time I look for a job. But you can't really get away from that either, can you? Well....fart.

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