Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What the-

I just ran upstairs next door to use the potty. I'm here at work and I usually have to lock up when I'm on my own (has absolutely no relevance to this story). So, anyway, I just ran upstairs next door to use the potty and on my way up the escalator I said hi to our cleaning guy (the building's). He's great. I've never met such a positive old guy who's career is cleaning toilets and escalator handles. So I always smile when I run into him even though's he's a bit of an odd bloke. He's from some SouthEast Asian place, I think. He almost has an aboriginal look to him. Old, like maybe in his 60s or a worn out 50s. He always says some words to me but I rarely understand them. A mix of immigrant English and whatever language from wherever he's from. But he's a good guy. So today I say hi as usual on my way up the escalator. When I turn to run into the toilets room, there's a cleaning cart out front and the door's propped open. Huh. Interesting, this means they must have hired somebody new to help out, because I've never seen anyone but him cleaning the toilets. so, I run back downstairs and smile again at my guy and work for another ten minutes. But believe me, I had to pee bad. So as soon as I could get rid of my clients, I ran upstairs again. Still, my guy was cleaning the escalators. I yell, "I'm trying again" to him as I run. When I get to the corner, there he is! What the. The same guy, standing inside the men's door. He says "Hello" as usual. And I respond in kind.

So, but his is a bit unsettling. That means my cleaning guy is actually my cleaning guys and that, in fact, they are twins!

Hahahahahaha. Yay.

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